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Warpath Enforcer army


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Warpath is the science fiction combat game and miniatures range from Mantic Games.

The galaxy is burning. The malevolent Corporation is ever expanding its sphere of influence, annexing more and more star systems. Their strategy is to make contact with alien civilizations, dazzle them with a few gifts of techno-bauble and then offer membership ‘as equal partners’ in the Great Galactic Co-prosperity Sphere. In the space of a few years, of course, the governments of those worlds will be changed by bribery, corruption, political intrigue, blackmail, threats and assassination, into puppet-states. They will devote all of their planets’ resources to enriching the Corporation and the few local bureaucrats that ‘run the business’ for it, while their populations plummet into a state of poverty and servitude…

Warpath is a 28mm sci-fi wargame, in which you control teams of soldiers around a wartorn landscape. Warpath follows a new concept for mass battle miniature wargaming — a game that is both easy to learn and fast to play! With few and simple rules, there is little to get in the way of the fun and slaughter.

This is a challenging game of strategy, where you can pit your wits against your opponent without devoting half of your brain power to remember a plethora of convoluted rules.

And that’s not all, the innovative turn structure allows you to play using a time-keeping tool (like a stopwatch or a chess clock) to time your moves. As the seconds tick away, the pressure and excitement this adds makes Warpath unlike any science fiction wargame you’ve ever played before.

Units are given simple ratings such as’Melee Attack’, ‘Defence’ and ‘Nerve’ and then augmented with special abilities that characterise the different races that inhabit the universe.


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