MTG Theros Beyond Death Booster Box (Preorder, Ships 24 January 2020)

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Almost seven years after first being introduced to Theros, Magic’s Ancient Greek-inspired set, we return to the world of gods and mortals.

The ancient seal on the Underworld of Theros has been breached, heralding the return of a forgotten god. Primordial powers are stirring, the gods are fighting amongst themselves, heralding an opportunity for Elspeth to undo her fate and escape the Underworld.

Boosters are the backbone of Magic. They’re the basis of Limited formats like Booster Draft and Sealed Deck, and they’re great for players looking to build a unique collection of cards for Constructed formats. New and experienced players alike enjoy tearing into a Draft Booster to discover which new cards they’ll add to their decks.

36 Theros beyond Death Booster Packs, Each containing 15 Theros Beyond Death cards.


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