Magic: The Gathering: Chandra

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The rich world of Magic: The Gathering comes to life, revealing new adventures, in this thrilling graphic novel featuring Planeswalker and pyromancer Chandra Nalaar.

In the wake of tragedy, Chandra strikes out on her own, determined to protect the Multiverse, no matter the cost to herself. Along the way she’ll not only have to fight new threats, but also her own sense of guilt. Fellow Planeswalker and friend Ajani Goldmane tries to intervene, but it’s ultimately on Chandra to save herself, especially when a sinister foe emerges from the shadows.

Magic: The Gathering: Chandra ties directly into recent events on the cityscape plane of Ravnica–as seen in October 2018’s Guilds of Ravnica and subsequent card sets–bringing the comics closer to the game’s story than ever before.

Collects the complete four-issue series.


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