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Innistrad Midnight Hunt Commander Deck Coven Counters


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Contains one of each of the 2 Midnight Hunt Commander Decks.
If you like monsters, then you’re in for a howl of a time. By the silvery shine of moonlight, you’ll find plenty of packs to hunt for. What you’ll do if you find a pack of Werewolf creatures – or, more likely, they find you – is entirely another matter…
Innistrad: Midnight Hunt kicks off Magic’s return to the fan-favourite plane of Innistrad. Join the action as humans, werewolves, and vampires battle for supremacy.
Commander is one of Magic’s most popular formats and can be played 1-vs-1 or multiplayer. Pick your favourite version join in the fun with this ready-to-play 100-card deck.

Each deck includes:
• 1 – 99 card deck with 1 speciality card
• 1 Premium Commander (New art)
• 10 Double-sided tokens
• 1 speciality reference card
• 1 insert checklist
• 1 Commander life tracker
• 1 deck box


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