Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 9: Deface the Face


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Batman and Two-Face. Eternal enemies. And now… desperate allies? Find out what happens here in Batman: Detective Comics Vol. 9: Harvey Dent’s Last Case!

Long ago, Harvey Dent wasn’t just a good man–he was the best man in all of Gotham City. As the town’s District Attorney, the city’s so-called golden boy put away murderers, thieves and mob bosses by the dozens. But there’s one organization he couldn’t put away. And now they’re back.

A desparate Dark Knight needs help and there’s only one man he can turn to–unfortunately, that one man isn’t the person he used to be. In fact… he’s two.

See the team-up of the century, as legendary scribe James Robinson (Starman) comes aboard with artists Carmine Di Giandomenico and Stephen Segovia for this epic new graphic novel! Collects issues #988-993.

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