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All-New X-Factor Volume 2 Tpb

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One of the country’s most outspoken anti-mutant leadersEEEEEEhas a mutant daughter! Now, it’s up to X-Factor to rescue this young girl from her father! But when the team faces unexpected consequences for ‘saving’ the girl, X-Factor brings big trouble to its employer, Serval Industries – heavily armed trouble. Plus: Gambit does something naughty. And when his indiscretion is found out, nobody is happy. X-Factor holds a press conference, hoping that everything will turn out fine, but they’re forgetting that pretty much all of them have awkward secrets that probably shouldn’t be made public! Serval Industries brings you the heroes you need in any situation: an all-new X-Factor for an all-new day! Collecting ALL-NEW X-FACTOR #7-12.


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