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Backorders / On demand

Some items on our website will show that they are available on backorder / on demand. This means that we do not have any stock of this item on our shelves at that particular time. But we can order these items from our supplier.

The reason for this can be due to the item not being something we would generally stock as the supplier catalogs are quite large or the item just being currently our of stock with us.

The backorder / On demand order process works as follows.

You place an order for the item on our website. We add the item to our weekly order list from our supplier. We then wait 1 to 3 weeks for them to process and ship our order to us (The time depends on where we need to source the item from). We then process all the backorders and ship them out within 1 day of receiving them.

Backorders for boardgames, trading card games, tcg accessories, dungeons and dragons generally have a 1 – 2 week turn around time.

If there is a problem with us getting the item for any reason you will be contacted as soon as possible.

Games workshop backorders: (Warhammer)

Due to the items coming from the UK and Games workshop processing times, Games Workshop orders can have a longer processing time than other backorders.

Sometimes our supplier is temporarily out of stock on an item. This usually occurs when they have an item marked as available to order. If it happens that an item is unavailable for 3 orders in a row (usually 6 weeks), we will contact you regarding an item swap or credit coupon to replace the item that we cannot get.

If there is an item that you want and it shows available on backorder, the safest option is to order it. This ensures that we order an extra one for you. The Games workshop catalog is very large and it is not feasible for us to stock all items as some simply are low demand.

If you place an order that contains preorder items from the Games Workshop category, these orders will also be marked as Warhammer Backorder on the order status. This is nothing to worry about, and is just done to make admin on our side easier.

We will typically do not provide constant updates during the wait time for backorder items unless there is a specific problem with the order. Usually we would send updates for the following reasons: We have received the item, in which case it will ship and we will provide the tracking number. Or approximately 6 weeks after the order was placed, we will update you that we have not received it, and we will then contact you regarding a replacement/credit.

Please contact us via email if you have any queries with regards to a backorder. Please note that exact arrival dates for these items are not always possible and are rough estimates.

Also note that as per our T&C’s accepted on checkout, refunds will only be made if we cannot secure the stock required. This does not include delays to arrival due to shipping and production delays at our suppliers.


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